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Have you financed or leased a car in the last 4 years?! If so, you might have a claim against your dealership for illegal charges. The dealerships have a duty to disclose whether they are profiting from certain fees they are charging. If you want to find out, send me the buyer's order form and the retail installment sales contract, if financed. If leased, send me the close ended motor vehicle lease agreement. Let me help you make some money! I DO NOT GET PAID UNLESS YOU GET PAID.

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MENDEZ BABANI LAW explains why you are entitled to money back from your dealership!


FDUPTA, protects consumers from being taken advantage of by the dealerships. More specifically Florida Statute 501.976(11) and (18), clearly states that a dealership must disclose what certain fees are for and that the dealership is profiting from them. Failure to do so makes them illegal charges therefore these fees are refundable from the dealership. 


Attorney Juan Mendez Babani represents individuals in Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County

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