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As the owner of Mendez Babani Law, Mr. Mendez Babani understands the importance of being proactive in your business. Business disputes may arise at any moment and can be resolved with the help of an experienced attorney. Juan J. Mendez Babani will take the time to get to know you, your company, and what is important to you. This helps Mr. Mendez Babani better understand how to resolve your problems and concerns in the most efficient and least expensive way. Attorney Juan Mendez Babani will do his best to get you the result you and your company deserve!


Here at Mendez Babani Law we understand that getting away from your business can be difficult at times. For this reason we offer in office consultations, phone consultations, and consultations at a location that is convenient for you!

Free Telephone Consultation

Please call (305) 900-JUAN or submit a contact form.


MENDEZ BABANI LAW's business law practice includes the following matters:


  • Incorporation of LLC and/or Corporations (In State and International)

  • Contract Negotiation, Drafting and Review

  • Business Disputes & Litigation

  • Business Consulting

  • Product Warranty Drafting and Review

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